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Start Character Building from a young age!

Our Former Education Minister, Mr Heng Swee Keat says, “We need moral values, such as respect, responsibility, care and appreciation towards others, to guide each of us to be a socially responsible person. In particular, for our multi-racial, multi-cultural society, a sense of shared values and respect allows us to appreciate and celebrate our diversity, so that we stay cohesive and harmonious.” And here at The PinkSchoolBus, we couldn’t agree more.

So we developed Morals and Virtues for children age 4 and up. This weekly online class, children are introduced to 10 captivating and interesting stories from our specially picked English fiction with character reference and storyline to build the foundation of each virtue and from there, each merit is further enhanced through the core essentials of learning such as application with worksheets, hands-on craft and language empowerment!

Email to find out more about this 10 weeks character building pre-recorded online class!

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