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Wonders of Water poster.jpeg

Wonders of Water

 - Study the marvel of water molecules

 - Discover waster density by creating a rainbow of water in a bottle

 - Make a line of travelling water

 - Find out what is surface tension by making water push a toothpick

Heart poster.jpeg

Unveil the Secrets of the Human Heart

 - Create an experiment to mimic how a heart pumps blood

 - Watch our pulse move! For real!

 - Discover the different parts of our heart

 - Find out about our circulatory system inside out!

Blast to the Past.jpeg

Blast to the Past

 - Come to know the difference between the box and the modern back flat screen tv, the old floppy disk and more!

 - Have a competition like how their parents kop rubber and play pick-up colour sticks 

 - Enjoy old-school snacks

 - Our time travellers get to DIY their own harmonica!

A Totem Adventure

 - Form your own Native American tribes and come up with a unique face-paint

 - Share stories with a customised totem

 - Get to know the significance of dream catchers and build one of your own

 - Live and play games like Native American children with their extraordinary games

Is it Science or Magic?

 - Discover the power of making pepper move!

 - Find out how to pierce a balloon without bursting it

 - Turn a tube of toothpaste 20 times its size!

 - Write a message with invisible ink

Trick Your Mind! All About Optical Illusions

 - Get real behind the visual system of the human perception

 - Find out if we can really read between lines

 - Find out how we get tricked by optical illusional paintings and architecture

 - Create your own optical illusion geometry

Forensic Science - Murder Mystery

 - Conduct DNA extraction

 - Analyse and study fibre samples collected from the crime scene

 - Study blood stains to find out the weapon used

 - Study handwriting samples

Gold Rush

 - Find our how gold was formed

 - Learn the difference between the purity of 999 and 916 gold

 - Make your own molten gold

 - Discover how to pan for gold

Life of a Beetle

 - Learn about some of the world's weirdest beetles!

 - Create a larva cup and observe how larva moves

 - Get to know the life cycle of a beetle

 - Study the different parts of a beetle

Myth Monster

 - Find out why werewolves bay at the full moon

 - Are humans still able to spot the Loch Ness Monster?

 - Do gargoyles come alive at night?

 - Find out what happened to the goblin, Rumpelstiltskin

Ancient China Expedition

 - Learn about the Terracotta Warriors and their chariots 

 - Discover more about one of the 7 wonders of the world - The Great Wall

 - Find out which are ancient China's best inventions that we are still using today

 - FKnow more about the Chinese calendar and how useful it is to farmers in China

Step into Wild Safari

 - Get wowed with the Great Africa Migration

 - Learn about Big Cats and their prints

 - Understand how crocodiles hunt

 - Find out the difference between vultures and other birds

Aeronautical Class Part 1 - What Makes Air Planes Fly?

 - Find out which parts of an airplane helps it lift

 - How does a plane land and stop?

 - Understand the science of aerodynamics

 - Design your own paper plane and make it fly

Learn Science Through - Forefather of Singapore

 - Build straw towers to understand how Mr Lee Kuan Yew helped established HDB flats

 - Understand Mr Tan Kah Kee's rubber plantations in a science way and how he helped Singaporean with those

 - Find out what Sang Nila Utama saw and how he use that instrument to see that animal which gave our country our name

Earth's wonders - Rocks

 - Learn about the rock cycle

 - Simulate rock cycles with crayons

 - Conduct experiments to test rocks' nature

 - Decorate your own rock

King Arthur's Realm

 - Learn all About King Arthur and his knights of the round table with their own Coat of Arms

 - How to attack a castle with a self-made catapult

 - How to play a game of "knuncklebones"

 - What are the secret codes of the middle ages and create their own with "wheel" of codes

Explore Ice & Heat

 - Learn about evaporation by making clouds in a jar

 - Blow up a balloon with hot air

 - Experience how to make ice grow

 - And see what happens when you mix hot and cold water

Journey Into Lost Civilisations

 - Learn about the orgins of our modern hot chocolate with its history with the Mayan Civilisation

 - And the mystery of Cambodia's Angkor Wat with a puzzle face game

 - Make ancient Babylon art pieces

 - Find out what wiped out the entire Pompeii city by making an artificial volcano

Pirates! - Raiders of the seas

 - Learn to create your own map with self-made geo boards

 - Learn how to make your own compass

 - Go on a treasure hunt

 - Walk a mathematics plank

All about Electricity!

 - Learn about static electricity and how to make your hair stand

 - How to create electricity from food

 - What is electromagnet and how to make one

 - The man behind the light bulb and more

Forensic Science - Crime Scene Investigation

 - Learn how to collect delicate finger prints from the crime

 - Chromattography and finally derive who is the murder

 - Measure height with footprints from evidence

 - Study sand / soil samples from traces the murder left behind

Under the Sea

- The different zones of the ocean through a density experiment

 - How do predators like the shark hunt

 - How to dissect a squid

 - All about the abyss of the ocean and what strange creatures lurk there

Junior BMT Camp

 - How to camo-paint their faces

 - What is army ration and how it taste like

 - Do the leopard crawl in a fun way

 - Make an artificial grenade

 - Thank you cards to our soldiers for protecting our country

All About Us - Understanding the Human Body

 - Learn about our vital organs and their uses and functions

 - What is our blood made of and learn to make artificial blood!

 - Functions of our nails and hair 

 - What are exo and endo skeletons and what one does human belong to

Beyond Earth - All About Outer Space

 - Learn about our 8 planets and make a model of our solar system 

 - What are constellations and a craft to see them at night

 - What do astronauts eat and how they live in space

 - Launch a real rocket into the sky! 

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