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Having a strong foundation in English grammar is essential to master the language. English Whizz Kids is created with that core in mind and a steer away from conventional worksheets and textbooks. It is probably the first ever hands-on purposeful play concept for a child to pick up and be comfortable with learning the English grammar. This learning series is developed from Victoria’s several years of successful implementation of student-centric approach in her curriculum planning. Several chapters are chosen from her Absolute English grammar book to ensure the learner builds his grammar foundation step by step.

There are 10 units individually packed in its own folder and each with its unique combination of hands-on activities and crafts. Parents, teachers and students can rely on the simple written guides that come with each unit to ensure the core of the grammar tool is delivered. English Whizz Kids is perfect as a back-to-school activity or a first set of grammar pack for a preschooler who is just picking up grammar. 


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