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Mighty Me

Life skills are essential for a child’s growth. While academics and sports can be attained within the confines of a classroom or a soccer patch, life skills can only be acquired with proper planned lessons that are built specially for this purpose.


Take for instance, a person living in the jungle would be needing jungle life skills. Our modern child today would need more than his academia and sporting capacity- he would need a set of life skills to cruise him through the devoir and stipulations of today’s world.


Each life skill in this programme is carefully thought of in relation to a modern child’s environment and parts of his daily life. It involves dining, organising of their bedrooms, healthy and safety habits and branches out to being conscious of their words online, face to face with others, with animals and finally, in simple medication and looking out for others. These skills are then introduced in proper to allow the child to fully grasp it’s meaning, it’s purpose and it’s application. 


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